Jumps Game
JumpsJump on the platforms and go a...
Sinta Game
SintaJump and shoot enemies while y...
Last Known Where Abouts Game
Last Known Wh...His ship was damaged on impact...
Curl Rush Game
Curl RushShmooky poo, here comes a swee...
Adventure Al Game
Adventure AlA pretty cool adventure-puzzle...
Milky Shoot Game
Milky ShootHelp this little baby on his d...
Monkie Game
MonkieSling the monkey from branch t...
Mixel Game
MixelMixel is a (in the truest sens...
Zombie Man 2 Game
Zombie Man 2The world has gone to hell, an...
Thing Thing Game
Thing ThingCustomize your character and s...
Planet Journey Game
Planet Journe...Your space ship has entered al...
UFO Adventures Game
UFO Adventure...Balance your alien as you tilt...
Weight Matters Game
Weight Matter...Interesting and Addictive skil...
Shift 3 Game
Shift 3A massive Adventure mode takes...


Adventure Games

Bubble Quest Game
Bubble QuestGet a little balloon through the funny platform puzzle game 'Bubble Quest'. Use arrows to move, A and arrows to in-, exhale and S to toggle ...Played: 7974
Dawn of the Zombies Game
Dawn of the ZombiesDefend the gun shop as you shoot all incoming stick zombies. Upgrade weapons within shop.Played: 15420
Alex in Danger Game
Alex in DangerHelp Alex to collect all crystall..Played: 11792
Super Mario Bros Game
Super Mario BrosA flash remake of the most famous video game of all time.Played: 33989
GreenGo Game
GreenGoIn the infantile platform game Green Go you have to bring some color into the retro levels.Played: 7577
Free Will Game
Free WillNow you can play a Gameboy game without a Gameboy: The platform game 'Free Will' comes with the original look. Take care: you only have 1 li...Played: 2715
Super Tank Game
Super TankDrive through obstacles and destroy your enemy with your super tank in this sidescrolling adventure game.Played: 20770
Run Bolt Run Game
Run Bolt RunIn this slightly infantile platform game you have to get the cute puppy through loads of levels. Use arrow keys to run, space bar to jump an...Played: 31360
Kill Me Game
Kill MeKill yourself to make a pathway and solve the action puzzle for your later self.Played: 9321
Stomp Tomato Game
Stomp TomatoJump and stomp on the tomatoes! Its as simple and fun as that. Enjoy and waste multiple 60 seconds of your life while playing this game.Played: 6831
Hog Blaster Game
Hog BlasterHog Blaster is a more or less good platform action game, BUT: You can blow away 'Biker Pigs'! And that's one feature no other game canPlayed: 10380
The Lone Ninja Game
The Lone NinjaA small and addictive ninja adventure game to play! Kill the enemies that oppose your ninja greatness by throwing spear daggers at them.Played: 6970
Sewer Slide Fury 2 Game
Sewer Slide Fury 2Jump, duck and punch your way down the sewer pipe! How far can you get before it's all over red rover?Played: 4754
Andy Cave Game
Andy CaveYou have a map along with a packpack, whip and lantern. There is supposed to be treasure at the end of this cave. Can you find it ?Played: 5867
Squares and Blades II Game
Squares and Blades I...Defeat the invading orcs in a tactical RPG.Played: 3999
Panic in Suburbia Game
Panic in SuburbiaGuide Panik through the 3 perilous areas avoiding the dangers lurking throughout.Played: 15848
Final Ninja Game
Final NinjaUse the ARROW KEYS to move. Click with the MOUSE to throw a ninja star - click and hold to shoot out a rope to swing from and climb up.Played: 15032
Zayo 3 Game
Zayo 3Will Zayo destroy the source of all zombies? Or will he slowly become a zombie himself? Play the final chapter of this awesome platform shoo...Played: 7142
Milky Shoot Game
Milky ShootHelp this little baby on his dangerous journey on the electricity wires high above the city. Climb and jump over many dangers without fallin...Played: 10622
Gun Run Game
Gun RunShoot from the hip while you sprint along the landscape, picking off the enemies and collecting cash and powerups!Played: 9138
Keep Them Uppy Game
Keep Them Uppyfootball with different style. football frustrations.Played: 7312
Adair Physics Castle Game
Adair Physics Castle...This is a remake of Block Fall from scratch. But this game has realistic physics to handle the motion of the blocks, so it's different exper...Played: 4233
Hoppin At The Avocado Condos Game
Hoppin At The Avocad...Try to help the red stickman to reach the box with the question mark in this point and click adventure game by clicking stuff in the right s...Played: 17164
Robo Jack Game
Robo JackA platform games where you must collect all the coins and find the way out.Played: 8282
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